Juno is the founder of STYLEDbyJUNO wedding design studio. She graduated from Visual Communication Design degree at University Technology Sydney. Juno has worked in many graphic design studios, including magazine design, branding design, animation design, media publication & fashion advertising. Her unique visual sense and perfection attitudes are embodied within her every design project. Her aesthetic wedding design projects are always inspired by colour, texture, nature, architecture and fashion. She has brought her terrific taste of beauty, passion & visual design into every wedding.  In STYLEDbyJUNO wedding design studio, Juno will be the lead designer for every designs.

We considers your wedding as important & exciting as you are! If you don't know where to start or what you want, STYLEDbyJUNO is your answer. We are the wedding designers who creates a memorable wedding day that reflects you. We elaborate a personalised wedding planning and styling that based on your affordability. It is about getting inside your head to understand you , and how to translate that into a comprehensive wedding design. It’s about creating a personalised and customised event that unique to you. It’s about talking all that personalised "stuff" and working out every plans & design details at every step of the way to showcase you whole story.We will help enhance, sort and translate your ideas in reality.

Think STYLEDbyJUNO as your wedding personal assistant or your right hand, even more… your wedding “dream team”! We create limitless vision for your wedding day, by providing right advices, expert knowledge, experiences of handle the logistics and stress of every major and minor details, design consulting, story board assembly,  floor plan creation, sourcing and securing of chosen vendors, such as ceremony and reception venue rentals, photographers, videographers, florist, cake designer, stationary, decor stylists, on day coordinations…You and your guests will just left to enjoy every single moment on your big day.