The wedding invitation is one of the essential parts of planning a wedding. The experience of handing out a beautiful wedding invitation will be the sweetest memory for every bride and groom in their life. Not only this, a thoughtful wedding invitation will set the tone and let your guests be able to envision the wedding day. It creates excitement and anticipation. A perfect wedding invitation definitely conveys the guest, which make people anticipate the big day to arrive. A good wedding invitation will also help you to provide important information to your guests. E.g. Who? When? Where? Dress code, RSVP, Accomodation info etc. 

At STYLEdbyJUNO, we do personalised wedding invitation design - something which is designed just for you! It is designed with intent and purpose, whether it is a personalised design or from our collection. We are aiming to create the invitation that tells your story and inspires you to are that story with others.

Let's make some pretty things and happy planning for your wedding! We also design wedding logos. Please contact us with your enquiry.